Songs I Owe You

Okay, here they are: Songs I Owe(d) You

Take Me Away is a song I wrote in Summer of 2017, mostly in one night around a campfire. I’ve got a demo of it from that night, and in the beginning you can hear a motorcycle take off, from a distance. That’s the spirit of our main character here, tearing out of downtown on a Friday.

Cold Dark Water is a series of recollections about a place I spent a lot of time in as a child. This one has been with me since ~2004. The main riff (in my mind) started out as something with a really rhythmic delay pattern like in The Wall. That part is sitting wayyyyyy in the back of this mix; much of the instrumental parts of this song are totally new. I have a version that I worked on about 4 years ago that was more raw, but didn’t have the same lyrics, or purpose.

I love bank heist stories, and there’s a few good ones that I learned about through family members, and so I had to do a little old-fashioned research at the National Archive through some old newspapers, and was able to confirm the first of these. So the heist story serves as the framework for me to sneak in some memories from my childhood about the place; my Great-Grandmother really did utter the very logical reply in the last verse to a priest; however she absolutely is not the getaway driver mentioned in the first verse.

From the Bottom started as the main guitar riff you hear in ~2014. I wrote a really long version with about 4 different verses, and never really got into playing it live. I re-wrote it recently keeping just a couple lines, and with a much more funk-based mindset. I programmed the percussion bits at home, using a much more hip-hop based workflow than I thought I ever would. But it kind of worked, and so I just kept working with it. I’m not a good enough drummer to play any better, so I kept it. I hope the guitar solo gives me a passing grade with my guitar teacher…

South of Soul has been around since 2004. It came to me very very quickly, on the order of about 30 minutes if I recall correctly. I used to play a gig every Monday, and I played it the week after I wrote it, and I received a great reaction, so I kept playing it live. I try to play this one different every time; lately I’m just digging Bossa Nova guitar, and also that vibe/chorus is coming back en vogue.

Empty Space is a relatively new tune I wrote after I had started recording the rest of these. There’s a new baby at our house, and writing lyrics is much quieter than writing guitar parts. The final chorus line popped into my head, and so I had the idea for the verses all planned before setting any music to it. This is the first time that process has panned out for me, so this song is special in that way.

The content is rife with inside jokes and semi-autobiographical references. For me, it’s also a love letter to Rebecca.

Jessica & Denise is an instrumental I started last winter. I originally thought I’d put lyrics to it, but whenever I popped it in on my commute, I found myself paying more attention to what was going on around me. I thought it would be cool to leave this as a song for everyone else to do the same. Spin this one to see if it works as a soundtrack for whatever you’re currently up to.

If i made a pop-up video for this one, you’d learn that Jessica & Denise are actually 2 toy sharks that live in our bathtub.

Meet Me in the Middle is another instrumental done recently. I was playing around with more abstract song forms. This one is in 4/4 but the main loop is actually 5 bars long, which gives it a more uncertain feel to me. Again, lots of space in here to let your mind wander away.

Thank you so much for listening.

Album Credits:

All songs composed, performed, and recorded by Jarek Anderson. Take Me Away, Cold Dark Water, and South of Soul were co-produced by Randal Orr. The balance were produced by Jarek Anderson.

I want to thank Rebecca, who is equal parts inspiration, muse, support, and welcome distraction. I love you so.

Thanks also to Mom & Dad who have been a constant support since I started playing music 29 years ago. Thank you for teaching me to love music so completely.

There are so many more of you to thank for your support over the years. You’ve come to the shows, listened to the new songs, and helped me figure out which ones were fit for public consumption hahaha. On top of that, I’ve been so lucky to have crossed paths with wonderful people in various remote locations across Canada. You’ve welcomed me in, and made me feel at home, no matter where.

Thank you thank you thank you.

For all of you, here are the Songs I Owe You


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