Live: June 8th, 2019


Come on out to “The Branch” in 2 weeks for some cold beers, good food, and great company. Oh and the finest selection of CanCon hits from the 80s, 90s, and 00’s played by yours truly.

And maybe a few originals, if you behave yourselves…

See you soon!


yea, I take pictures too!


oh hi there!

For once I’m not writing about how long it’s been since I last blogged or posted! In case you’re not in the loop, follow me on Instagram @jarekmusic to be apprised of all the gory details. Or just check in here.

Due to my mismanagement of FTP and other things that no musician should ever truly have to think about (#diy), I now have a brand new website to launch. It may have been fate, however, as I’ve been spending a ton of time snapping photos lately.

I used to take a ton of pictures… back in the days of 35mm. You see, when Grandpa Jarek learned how to compose, and what Aperture Priority means, we were opening our shutters on to film. Real film. Not a knock at all at the current situation; gone are the days of opening up a bag of fresh 3×5 exposures to find out you messed something up and burned an entire roll of film. The anxious photographer in me is so glad to get some instant feedback on what I shot.

Not to mention the difference in ‘Post’. My grandfather taught me how to develop in a darkroom he built inside of his garage. When I went to uni, I found a paradise in the darkroom down in the basement caverns of the student union building; $15 a year gave 24 hour access to it, and pretty cheap photo paper as I recall.

I remember when my grandather rode into the digital sunset sometime around 2004; I remember what photoshop and early DSLRs were capable of. Lots and lots has changed. And now I’m finally getting around to learning the ins and outs of the DSLR camera that RB and I bought to capture all the moments of our children’s lives. Right before phone cameras figured out how to take photos that did 99% of what we wanted out of a photograph.

Not to worry, I’m still playing music. Still lusting over pedals and amps. Just lenses and filters now too 🙂

Anyway, I see some sunshine so I’m going to chase some frames!